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EXCITING NEWS – we have rebranded to CALABY REAL ESTATE!

Calaby Real Estate Signage

In October last year Ruralco and Landmark merged together across Australia to form a new company. That new company is called Nutrien Ag Solutions and covers a broadrange of activities including merchandise, livestock, insurance, wool, finance and real estate.

Since we began in 2009 we have been Calaby Real Estate Pty Ltd trading as Ruralco Property and have gone from strength to strength over this period. As a result of the merger, we are unable to continue to trade as Ruralco Property. We had the option of moving forward to trade as Nutrien Harcourts under the new corporate structure, or to create our own new brand name.
Our business for the past 6 years has been owned 100% by Calaby Real Estate Pty Ltd so in the best interest of our clients we have decided to rebrand our business under that same name.

From the start of March 2020 you will begin to notice the change of branding to our office, advertising, website and general marketing etc as we transition across to Calaby Real Estate.

As a valued client of Calaby Real Estate nothing will change other than the brand. We will continue to provide you with same high level of service that you have come to expect from a locally owned business that is invested and involved heavily in our local community.

We are excited about the change and looking forward to your ongoing support, as always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.