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UNDER CONTRACT – Prime location – House and Land Package – 3 bedroom homes with double garage – Low maintenance/easy care property...Read More→

Sold $325,000
Hi Rob, Almost a year has passed since I moved from 13 MvInerney Street Riverton. I was just reading my journal, which I started soon after I moved here. I realised that I had never thanked you properly for all the help you gave me to enable me to sell my home. Neither did I thank you properly for the lovely basket of goodies you gave me. Therefore I can only apologise, and offer belatedly my heartfelt thanks for everything. I'm afraid my mind at the time was muddled and everything seemed to happen in a sort of blur. However I am so pleased that I am here in a village, with newly made, but very good friends. I am very close to all of my very helpful family as well. I feel very safe and secure here, and I don't even have to cook. So! Once again Rob, thank you so very much. Best wishes, take care 😊
Joan Harding
Ross Greenfield is a very professional realtor who took over the sale of my house after I'd been with another agent for 18 months. In the year before Ross took over, the previous agent had only brought 2 people out to see the house. After Ross took over, he had 6 people/couples through in just 2 months, and had the house sold within 3 months of when I signed with him. I can't speak highly enough of him.
Patrick Armstrong